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with our learning plans


Bravery Music students made the 2024 Volusia All-County Bands

(Jazz & Symphonic)


Superior Ratings at

Florida Bandmasters Assoc. Solo & Ensemble 2024

No more just 'one lesson per week'


⬇️ get all this ⬇️



Personalized Lessons

Master your instrument with one-on-one 45-min sessions led by our expert instructors.


Customized Practice Plans

Optimize your practice time with tailored plans that accelerate your growth.


'Power Hour'

Zoom Calls

Connect with professional musicians and educators through video calls twice a month in our exclusive Power Hour sessions.


Automated Scheduling & Billing

Enjoy seamless management of your lessons and payments hassle-free.


Practice Accountability

Stay motivated and on track with daily support and check-ins right at your fingertips.


In-School Lessons available

Take advantage of lessons conveniently offered at your school for added ease - even during band class!*


FREE 30-Minute Coaching Session on

"How to Set Up your Practice Routines for Success"

with Bravery Founder, Adam Rich







Every 14 days

Bravery Music's premium private lessons option. Only available at select public schools*

Weekly In-School* Lessons

Access to 'Power Hour' meet-ups

Practice Reports

Customized Practice Plans

Automated Billing

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Every 14 days

General Private Music Lessons, with added Practice Reports sent out weekly!

Weekly Out-Of-School Lessons

Practice Reports

Automated Billing

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BRAVEry Group 



Every 14 days

Perfect for beginners and students who want extra attention outside of school.

Weekly Group Lessons

Access to 'Power Hour' meet-ups

Automated Billing

  • What Instruments are taught at Bravery Music?
    Bravery Music currently offers private lessons for Piano, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, and Drums. We will eventually have more teachers to provide high quality lessons on other instruments!
  • How much does it cost to take lessons with Bravery?
    Our lessons packages are tailored to your particular needs, and are offered at the following rates : ELITE Lessons Package = $110 / 14 days STANDARD Lessons Package = $90 / 14 days BRAVE Lessons Package = $60 / 14 days **All packages auto renew each 14 day period**
  • Where and when do lessons take place?
    The time and place of lessons also dependent on a few factors: - Your Location (either student residence, teacher residence, or band room/school) - How many other students are taking lessons from your school - Teacher availability - Room availability in your band room - Band Director discretion* - Lesson Type - Selected Teacher (some only teach one lesson type!)** *Not all Band Directors allow IS (In-School) Lessons from Bravery Music. **In some cases, the teacher travels to the student's home or the student's band room in order to provide private lessons. In other instances, teachers require students to come to their home or studio!
  • Does Bravery Music provide instruments for enrolled students?
    Students who need to take lessons at home must have their own instruments or be renting one from their school. Bravery Music does not provide instruments to clients at this time.
  • What is Bravery Music's Reschedule & Cancellation Policy?
    Bravery Music understands that all students and/teachers will inevitably need to move or cancel a lesson. If the student or parent wishes to cancel or reschedule a lesson, they must provide at least 24 hours' notice, except in cases of illness or emergency. It is highly encouraged that families attempt to reschedule instead of canceling a lesson. **If notice is given within the required timeframe, the lesson may be rescheduled at a mutually convenient time. **If notice is not given within the required timeframe, the lesson will be forfeited and no makeup lesson will be provided.
  • How do I know what teacher to select?
    All Bravery Music teachers are fantastic! You can learn what instruments our teachers play as well as more background information on our teacher page.
  • Does Bravery Music provide virtual / online lessons?
    Virtual Lessons are offered by certain Bravery Music teachers. See our TEACHERS page to see if your instructor can teach lessons online. All of Bravery Music's teachers do teach face-to-face. We are looking to expand our virtual lessons team. If you have more questions about virtual lessons, send an email to
  • What are "In-School" or "In-Class" Lessons?
    In special instances, some schools allow private lessons to take place during a student's band/music class during the school day. This is extremely beneficial for those busy students and families who struggle to find time in their afternoon/evening schedule to fit private lessons. Naturally, these lessons are sometimes affected by school-related circumstances such as changing bell schedules, drills, announcements, etc. If this is something you are interested in, please speak with your student's band director or music teacher!
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