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About Us

What is Bravery?

Bravery (a mashup of the names 'Brayden' and 'Avery') is more than just having the strength to face difficulties.

To us, it is all about the journey through tough times, challenges, and doubts. To musicians, bravery is crucial in skill development & performance.

Bravery Music

Our Story

Bravery Music was started in 2023 in order to help musicians in their quests. All of our services are aimed at fostering a high level of courage in every client that allows them to become their best self: in practice and performance. We are all artists, and the world needs our music.

Bravery Music


Owner & Teacher

At Bravery Music, we take students to the next level by instilling relentless work-ethic and establishing a unstoppable mindset. We're passionate about helping our students reach their fullest potential on their instrument.

Join us on your musical journey and take your playing to the next level!

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