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Music. Unleashed.

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Here at Bravery Music, we do things differently. We are not your 'run-of-the-mill' music business. Whether you are new to band or about to move into senior year, we've got services to get you to your goals.


Bravery is more than just having the strength to face difficulties. To us, it is all about the journey through tough times, challenges, and doubts.


To musicians, bravery is crucial in skill development & performance. We must be disciplined to take consistent actions towards becoming the best version of ourselves - even when the world seems against us!

Be Different - Be BRAVE!

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Trumpet Camp

We are excited to offer the first ever Bravery Music trumpet camp to students in Volusia & Flagler County. Join us this summer in Daytona Beach for a week of learning from Florida's finest trumpet professors and professionals.

It's Time To #BEBRAVE 

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